Thuy Tran

High Standards for Student Achievement

We must keep academic achievement a high priority, while setting high standards for students in the nonacademic areas. These academic achievement standards must make sense for Parkrose School District, which means maintaining steady short term and long-term goals and creating localized plans and standards to meet the specific needs of Parkrose School District.

Let's consider for example that 74% of Parkrose Students are enrolled in free or reduced lunch, 51% above the state average or that 23% of students are English Language Learners compared to 10% of the state average. Let's also consider the racial demographics of the district compared to the state average:

RaceParkroseState Average
African American123
Native American12
*see URL below for source

Parkrose trails behind the state average 84% in fourth grade reading at 70%, while the gap in math is significantly less at 74% with the state at 77%. Parkrose 8th graders are also trailing behind in math at 65% compared to the state average at 71%. High School reading in our Parkrose District also trails at 59% compared to 66% of the state average.

Our policies, measurements to demonstrate academic improvement, and goals must reflect the unique and specific needs of Parkrose School District students and the larger community.

Thuy Tran

Collaborative Approaches

Successful students are supported by a network of committed parents, teachers, administrators and staff.

Thuy Tran

As a school board member, I will push for a collaborative and coordinated supportive network for student success by supporting policies with broad and multiple approaches. I believe that for our students to succeed, we must support them both at home, in the community, and, of course, at school. To do that, we must be able and willing to work collaboratively with parents, administrators, teachers and staff, and students to identity challenges and solutions.

Thuy Tran
Thuy Tran

The Budget Crisis

Although voters continuously rank education as a top priority, education funding in the Oregon state budget has steadily declined over the years. Currently, the Oregon Legislature is discussing how to move forward with the proposed 6.75 billion dollars in resources for Oregon's schools, which would provide much needed relief to the Parkrose School District, amongst other public school districts in Oregon. I support this recent proposal as well as other proposals to provide additional funding for our public schools.

During my term, I will aim to divert budget resources to: