Dr. Thuy Tran is an optometrist and owner of Rose City Vision Care in the Hollywood district for nearly two decades.

After immigrating the U.S. at nine years old, she and her family lived in low-income housing. As a child, she played with marbles on the dirt right outside of her family's apartment complex with other children in the neighborhood. Her favorite class in school was Math, and she fondly remembers that as an immigrant, she struggled to learn English in English as a Second Language class, so the only thing she was good at, at that time, was Math. She was really proud of that, and it gave her the confidence she needed to stay in school and succeed.

As a Lt.Col in the Air National Guard and the Chief of Optometry, she directly took it upon herself to protect her country, and have provided medical service and humanitarian aid in areas such as Alaska and South America. Looking for more ways to give back to her community in East Portland, she joined the Lion's Club. As a member and past president of the Lion's club, she gave free eye exams and health care to struggling families. In the last few years, because of the economic downturn in Oregon, she has served an unprecedented number of struggling families who are going without affordable health care.